Obama calls kanye a jackass

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Obama calls kanye a jackass

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If I was Obama, I would never let those guys interview me again, hehe..
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Post by shiram »

people will still buy his "music"
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Post by Genie »

over 500k in votes, 93% of the people think the prez was awesome for saying it. lol
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Re: Obama calls kanye a jackass

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Obama is a pander and that is what is pissing me off about him the most. I'm willing to give him a chance but he needs to actually do president duties, instead of pandering himself to trash news. Who cares, he shouldn't have any opinion of Kanye because he should be pushing for healtcare, or whatever platform he has.

Obama spends far too much time trying to be a media darling for my taste. You know who was the last president to do that? JFK, look what happened to him.
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