Country's still in the crapper, whos fault is it?

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Country's still in the crapper, whos fault is it?

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I question many things, but mostly the blindness of both parties. Who's fault is it that the country is doing so bad? According to right wing spin, as late as a year ago... this was still clinton's fault. Is it Obama's turn to take the blame? I've already seen people blaming him for this down economy. I've seen people praising him for the lower gas prices. Mikey, you for example, said about a year ago the economy was doing great. Things looked fantastic on the horizon. But how can so many of us think the country is going so well, and so many think it's going so bad?

Do people actually have a clue what's going on?
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People with no education in macro economics should just keep their mouths shut when it comes to predictions about the future of national ecomoincs. if you don't know the very basics of national and macro economics, then you don't know shit and prolly donät understand at all how the interrest rate in USA can affect the inflation in the UK or some other country, hweh..

POlitics are seldom to blame for such things, but the plebs keep on blaiming whoever is sitting in giovernmenwet, but that's just mere idiocracxy, or rather, ignoracnce and lack of knowledge more than anything.

Blaiming obama for the financials is just pure stupid,. blaiming bush for them arenät much brighert either. Sure he ciuld have tried to stop it earlier, but to be honest there was not much for him to do, except perhaps making new laws that prevents companies from taking riskcs and earning miney, but hey, hat are the very fundamentals of a fucking marjket economy so he could not ofc do that.

ppl need to realise that the conomy is in an ever state of flux, it goes up and then it goes down again, the cuycles can vary somewhat, but whats damn sure is that if it has been going up fpr 8 fucking years, you could bet money on that it should go down again.. Big fucking surpise.-

Sry for the spelling, but Ive been sick this week and is drinking for tyhe first ime in.. liek a week. So im kidna intoxicated, but nevermind that.
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