Interesting rant

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Interesting rant

Post by Genie »

Found this via when I went to check out the McCain skit on SNL, someone mentioned this rant

Figgered Mikey would wanna listen to it.
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Post by RoamingMadness »

the only thing he said remotely intelligent was that we should be drilling for oil to back our dollar. Everything else was just propaganda and/or misinformation.

Either we leave iraq or we stay.

Honestly, the best choice at this point in time is probably to start or request some sort of world group... you know.. like the UN, to come up with a plan that many countries could get behind to protect some of these countries who are being overrun with terrorism. That way the burden could be lifted from us alone. Or if no one in the world cares but us... THEN FUCK IT.

This area is a -wasteland- anyone with an ak-47 has control. This isnt new for these people. This isnt like we leave, and suddenly the once free and proud iraq is fucked up. It was fucked up, we tried to help, we failed. Move on.

There was a lot more he said that was annoying and dumb, but im tired of typing.
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