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mikey's back...

Post by Styrofoam »

Lets expect some Pro McCain anti-obama posts....

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Post by Mikeyrat »

Not really... I've NEVER been pro-McCain. Always hated the guy for caving on general conservative principals (McCain-Fiengold, Gang of 14) and otherwise being a press hound. Only thing positive about him in this case is that most of the Democrats queasy about voting for Obama will gladly accept McCain as an alternative because of the aforementioned reasons.

My problems with Obama are that he is extremely liberal... way left of most everyone else in Congress right now, but like most liberals, he's acting moderate or even conservative on many issues. His voting record and bill sponsorship record says otherwise, though.

In any event, I don't believe that America is ready to elect an african-american as a president. I could care less, IMO, but I just dont think we have enough open minds in either party to elect one, dem or republican. Same would have gone for Hillary had she won. America is still bias enough to not elect her either... especially with such a moderate alternative.
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Post by RoamingMadness »

I need to see at least a couple debates and see a VP before my mind is made up.

At this moment, im voting for McCain. The only things im worried about from him are his abortion stances (which couldn't effect me less), his view on Iraq, and my own lack of knowledge of his economic plans.

Where Obama is losing for me... his view on Iraq, and my own lack of knowledge for his economic plans. Plus his creepy preacher.

As odd as this sounds, i think Obama could have the country in much better shape in 4 years. But im not sure of that. And im sure where McCain is going. I just don't know if i like it.
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Post by Genie »

I know this sounds bias of me, and I could care less if anyone changes opinions of me because of it...

But I always get this eerie feeling that if Obama wins, it'd be like Palpatine getting Chancellorship; loathe to give it up; kniving a way to keep it longer than his term, and all the while some shady dealings in the background to completely alter the way we act, think and feel about our country.

Thats why I wish Hillary woulda won the primary; least then we would know what kinds of tom foolery would happen in the white house.

Go McCain! woo!
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