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Tim Russert

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I wouldn't normally care much about the death of a reporter, but Tim Russert is an exception, mainly because he is exactly the kind of guy we need more of in this country. He really was the best at nailing politicians on their lies and dishonest behavior, pointing out their stupidity right to their face. He was a true American in that he would seek the truth in all politicians in an attempt to keep Washington honest, thereby making our country better, rather than living in the pocket of one party and spreading lies and hate just to make some money like some of the other scum (you know who they are). It's sad to lose a guy like this who actually made our country better by not letting politicians get away with stupid crap (at least not without him pointing it out). I watched "Meet the Press" almost every week, and now I can only hope someone can fill his shoes........

So here's my little tribute, a few YouTube clips that I found, but they are long so they might be a little boring unless you really care about American politics...

Here's a good clip from about 2 weeks ago where he really nails one of Hillary's people.

Here's Russert nailing Attorney General Gonzales

And here he nails Cheney on what we all already know...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8tXOID4 ... re=related

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